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Commonly asked Questions

"How qualified are the teachers?"

We have the Best Teachers in the Capital Region! Most of our teachers have master's degrees from the best colleges and conservatories.

"Do you have Recitals or other Events?"

YES!! We hold several Recitals (about 20 students each) in the middle of June and December and Concerts during the year. Each year some of our students also participate in NYSSMA evaluation (all of our students earned Outstanding, Excellent and A+'s this past year.) We encourage intermediate and advance level children to participate, but do not require it. High school students can also receive 1/2 credit each year for taking private lessons. (You must apply through your district music supervisor.)

"What ages do you teach?"

We recommend that children begin at age 5, although we do have some younger ones. We teach all ages from 5 up through, and including, Adults! There are special books for adult learners that progress more quickly and are written specifically for adults. There are also special books for the younger beginners.


"What books or methods do you use?"

Each teacher has his/her own preference for methodologies. As a group, we tend to stay away from the "oldies" like John Thompson and Schaum and concentrate more on the most up to date series, such as Bastien, Alfred and Faber.

"Do you have to buy a piano right away?"

No. Most beginners can learn their first year of piano by practicing on an electronic keyboard. However, the keyboard must have full size keys and be large enough that the child will not run out of keys while playing (48-66). Regular pianos have 88 keys. By the second year, you will be certain of your child's interest and be more sure about buying a piano. At that point, your child will need a piano for proper touch and technique, which will be limited on a keyboard. Buying a piano does not have to be an expensive purchase with many used instruments available for as low as $400 or less. Ask your teacher for assistance when the time comes. We're happy to help.

"How long should my child practice each day?"

Beginners should start out with 15-20 minutes per day (five days per week). Increase five minutes per day for each year studied. Young beginners should have parental supervision during practice to guide them to the right songs, help with reading and overall encouragement.

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